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Digital Experience Leader

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Industrial Design

I have background in Industrial Design and have worked in automotive companies designing bikes and mini vehicles. I have good knowledge of form, color, proportion, ergonomics, CAD design and manufacturing process.

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User Experience Design

For last 20yrs I have been working in the field of User Experience (UX) Design. I have over decade of experience in Design Management and driving Digital leadership. I have practiced Interaction Design, Visual Design, User Research and helped in adoption of Design Thinking process.

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Human Computer Interaction

Had great opportunity to with with companies like Intel and LG R&D, where I worked on technology based UX. I have worked on wearable UX like Google Glass and Smart Watch. I have worked on Speech Interface Design/Voice user interface(VUI). I designed innovative Natural User Interface (NUI) like  "Multi Modal Interactions" and Gesture interfaces. I hold UX patents

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Everything that is designed by nature is beautiful and serves a purpose. It's like the German saying - "Form follows Function". But man-made things have invaded this well designed ecosystem by God. It has created chaos as products are designed in isolation. There is a lack of system design.

On my way driving from Death Valley Nevada, I stopped at this awesome desert and realized it is so beautiful. Why can't products design by us are similar.